Company Services

Milray Contracting’s multifaceted services are provided by a skilled and professional workforce. Milray’s management team always ensures quality and flexibility to suit all contract requirements. Backed by a team of highly skilled operators, maintenance personnel and plant and equipment, they are confident of providing excellent service every time, regardless of job scope or location.

Road and Drainage Construction, Repair, Maintenance and Flood Damage Repairs

Milray provides solutions for all road construction requirements from concept to completion on highways, mine access roads, car parks, drainage, causeways and paving. Rehabilitating existing bitumen roads is one of Milray’s key capabilities, utilising their Caterpillar RM500 Stabiliser and 20 tonne Struemaster Cement/Lime Spreader.

Mining Civil Works, Rehabilitation and Support Activities

Milray’s team is highly experienced in the mining industry, delivering services such as site preparation and rehabilitation for exploration programs, spoil dump rehabilitation and road construction and maintenance.

Mine Industrial Area, lay‐down area construction, highwall drain cleaning, ROM PAD’s, haul road construction and maintenance and tailings facility construction.

Crushing and Screening

Our staff has extensive experience in the production of gravel and aggregate products to Mains Roads, Council and mine specification.


Milray covers a full range of earthwork services for mining, exploration, public and commercial contracts and includes site clearance, deep excavations, ground levelling, backfilling, water cartage, building pads, lay‐down area construction, road sealing and general construction works.

Milray has the equipment and staff to transport raw materials on lease and on-road.