Runs on the board are the best way to measure success and Milray Contracting’s significant achievements to date speak volumes for the drive, commitment and expertise of those on the team.

Flood Damage Repairs

Contracts include:

Charters Towers Regional Council

NDRRA Flood Restoration works including gravel screening, gravel resheeting, formation grading and causeway repairs.

CTRC NDRRA Flood Restoration works (PDF)

Hinchinbrook Shire Council

NDRRA Flood Restoration works including gravel resheeting, formation grading, and causeway repairs.

HSC NDRRA Flood Restoration Works (PDF)

Flinders Shire Council

Formation grading, gravel resheeting and insitu stabilisation

Carpentaria Shire Council

Formation grading, gravel resheeting, insitu stabilisation

Burdekin Shire Council

Reconstruction of 4.6km of sealed road including insitu stabilisation, pavement overlay, sealing and asphalt along with several other small cement and lime insitu stabilisation.

Barratta Road Rehabilitation (PDF)

Burdekin Shire Lime Stabilisation (PDF)

Flood Damage Repairs
Road and Rail Projects

Contracts include:

Aurizon / Gabrielli Constructions

Townsville Yard Consolidation Project (PDF)

Charters Towers Regional Council
Guard rail installation, grid bridge maintenance, insitu stabilisation & pavement Repairs.

CTRC Bridge Repair Program (PDF)

CTRC Reedy Creek Bridge Replacement (PDF)

CTRC Wandovale Jump Up (PDF)

CTRC Conjuboy BaseBinder (PDF)

Townsville City Council

Gravel resheeting, reconditioning and pavement sealing

TCC Upper Ross Road Repairs (PDF)

Ergon Energy

Sweir line Maintenance, maintenance to access powerlines


Plant hire for Townsville CBD Upgrade, cairns job, Bohle River upgrades,

Lend Lease

Plant hire for Bruce Highway upgrade Vantassel to Cluden

Vale Australia

Vale Carborough Downs Access Road Construction (PDF)


Bitumen access road repairs, repair pavement failures on mine access road, crack sealing

THE Mining

Insitu Stabilisation

MW Engineers

Machine operations for installing sensor system on rail line at Thalanga, Riffle Creek and Pymura

School of Distance Education

Asphalt carpark including profiling existing pavement and correction of existing kerb drainage.

Road and Rail Projects
Mining Operations

Contracts include:

Minjar Gold

Campaign Screening, Ore cartage from Piccadilly to Pajingo,
Exploration Support

Minjar Ore Haulage Contract (PDF)

Minjar Tailings Storage Facility Dam Lift Stage 8 (PDF)

Minjar Mine Access and Haul Road Rehabilitation (PDF)

Vale Australia

Vale Exploration Program (PDF)

Newmont Australia

Newmont Mt Leyshon Roche Hill Rehabilitation (PDF)

Mt Leyshon Rehabilitation (PDF)

Baralaba Coal Company

Baralaba Coal Project (PDF)

Mega Uranium

Ben Lomond rehabilitation

Carpentaria Gold

Dozer hire at Mt Wright

Tasmanian Copper Mines

Rehabilitation works at Highway Reward Mine


Exploration works and rehabilitation of sites, sumps and tracks

Red River Resources

Exploration water runs, pad prep

Thalanga Copper Mines

Survey works, PASS remediation, site rehabilitation, rock protection and placement of topsoils, drainage works

Thalanga Box Cut (PDF)

Evolution Mining

Exploration and rehab works, Vera Dam Works, Scott Lode Dam Lift, TSF Sump, Core Shed Drain, dump works, bulrush dam drainage.


Clearing powerlines at Southwalker Creek Mine

Mining Operations